Hey everyone!

My name is Flynn-Cooper, and if you can’t tell already by the name, my mummy likes to be different 🤩.

I am 11 months old and I’m so excited to turn 1!
I’m super cheeky and I’m just beginning to develop my own little personality.

I love to play with wooden toys, and go to the soft play centre with my mummy and friends.

I’m an only child, which means I get spoilt with all of the hugs & kisses 🥰

I do have various allergies, and low immune which results in me being poorly a lot of the time, but I still like to be adventurous despite this.

I have only just recently started to crawl, so now I can grab all of mummy’s ornaments off the fireplace 🐵

My favourite word is “mama” and I am constantly shouting it. (Mummy loves it really)

My mummy loves me to wear all traditional clothing, so much so that shopping has turned into a hobby of hers. White is my favourite colour to wear 🤩

Tors have been so welcoming to us both, and have provided us with lots of lovely outfits.

You can purchase your very own Tor's outfits by using our code which gives you 10% off. The code is “Flynn10”.

My Instagram is @Flyn_ncooper where you can watch me get up to lots of mischief. I hope you’ve loved getting to know me 💖 and I can’t wait to show you lots of new pictures of me in all of my lovely outfits! 

Lots of love
Flynn x

Ps: You to can look as good as me with Tor's 😁