We are committed to providing the best product and service to all our customers at the best possible price. 

Our best price promise means that we can ensure that you always get the best deal. 

If you can:

  1. Find the same item at a lower cost than ours
  2. Support that find with verifying information
  3. Be prepared to wait until we can verify the price

and it is not:

  1. a sale reduced or clearance item

Then we can:

  1. Hold the item for you until the verification process is complete
  2. Verify the lower cost product
  3. Reduce our item to the same cost
  4. Reduce the item a further 5% 
  5. Send you a discount code that you can use to buy the lowest cost item 

So that you:

  1. Can join our family of happy customers
  2. Can get the product you want at a much lower cost
  3. Will be so glad you did
  4. Can have a lovely day

Love Tor x

E-Mail: admin@tors-online.com to begin the process.