Hi everyone

I'm Mia I'm 3 years old & so ready to go to big school!! I love to play with all my friends 💕

I have 2 big brothers who I love to play with but also annoy sometimes I get called Mars Bar 😁😁

My mummy loves to take my picture & I forever shopping for me. We love all different styles of clothing but I love a good dress

I may look sweet on photos but mummy would say otherwise- maybe a little sassy and too independent 😉

We Love Being part of the Tors family, they are all so welcoming and inclusive, the reps are fantastic 😀

The clothes, shoes and accessories at Tors are outstanding 👌 even better you can use my code MIA10 and recieve discount at Checkout!!

My Instagram is @miaannierene where you can see what I get upto and even better more photos of how cute I look in all these clothes 💕💕💕