Beautiful Charlotte 😍 daughter of @beautiful_bellmonts.
Charlotte is my daughter's brand rep @littleloveysboutique__ she has been     
modelling Little Loveys beautiful clothes for over a year now.
We are super excited to announce @beautiful_bellmonts and Charlotte has now teamed up with Tor's @tors_online and we cannot wait to show you  more of this gorgeous little gem.
@beautiful_bellmonts photography is just 👏 amazing the pictures that are produced are well planned out, the props used are fantastic and Britney sure has an eye for capturing the most amazing images.
Add to that with beauty itself in Charlotte and the stunning outfits from @tors_online and @littleloveysboutique__ and you have a master class on how to strut your stuff. 
@tors_online and @littleloveysboutique are so proud to have Charlotte wearing our Clothes, seeing her beauty in our outfits is inspiring and motivational to us, you cannot look at these images and not feel proud of what you see, and that is exactly how we wanted our brands to be represented. 
A little about @tors_online and @littleloveysboutique. We are mother and daughter both new to the retail industry and both have love and passion for beautiful children's clothes.
Circumstances during Covid19 pandemic meant a new direction was needed and this was the reason for our online shops to be created. Our Love for beautiful children's clothes made it an easy decision for us, now all we have to do is get out there and share our love of children's clothes to the world through our brands. We hope you love what you see. x
March 10, 2021 — Vicky Hughes

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